JPE delivers high-end innovation, transparency, and
development. We want to inspire youth culture to rebel against the norm and express their individuality through clothing and creativity.
Inspired by construction, New York MTA workers, and Military-
wear, we are transforming the way you look at workwear and the functionality of it to fit into your everyday life through intricate, multi-functional yet comfortable designs.

In 2019 Justin P. Etienne began to illustrate his versatile skillset through many of his crafts. Through Design, Etienne has a way with catching the human eye with his invigorating color palettes and attention to detail. He finds the right way to modernize the vintage look by creating stimulating silhouettes and utilizing futuristic fabrications in each garment.

Justin P. Etienne, FIT Alumni with a BA in Production Management. Entrepreneur and Creative Director wants to create a strong substance between his work and his clients. Fashion is so fast paced today and the best way to slow it down a bit is to allow the customer to appreciate themselves and the garment. 

Made in NYC.
All Made by JPE



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